Personality with Character

I am Karin


I am cheerful and passionate, self-confident and authentic, solution-orientated and some say courageous and inspiring.

I enjoy seeing the beauty in life and capturing it. I try to go through life in a very positive way and this is also reflected in what I do – happy, content and radiant people. I get to do wonderful things every day that give back an incredible amount of positive energy.

I live my passion:

Making people happy with photos!

A colourful, diverse personality

I always try to see the beauty and positivity in life, to keep moving forward, and not thrown off balance. Beeing a good listener and also a mirror, and expressing my opinion loudly and clearly. My interests and challenges are as colourful and varied as life itself.

Azulejos, the typical ceramic tiles in Lisbon :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Karin Bergmann sits at a viewpoint overlooking Lisbon at sunrise :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Karin Bergmann on the beach, sand trickles from her hands to the ground :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Personality development & mental training


I have always been fascinated by the connection between the subconscious mind, thoughts and actions. And around 20 years ago, my mentor and now very good friend Wolfgang showed me for the first time in his mental training programme what possibilities there are.

Honest self-reflection and positive thinking have strengthened my self-confidence and changed my life for the better. My openness to spirituality and alternative ways of thinking has shaped me and brought gratitude and deep trust into my life.

I have also had the opportunity to learn from several others and been able to grow in various situations. All these experiences have ultimately made me who I am today.

I love to consciously shape and enjoy my life. Seeing the beauty, bringing people together and, if necessary, supporting them. Through my experiences, I am constantly developing my emotional intelligence and social skills. And these naturally flow into my activities and projects. I’m good in understanding of people, and anyone who asks me gets honest answers.

In combination with the self-esteem boost of a boudoir shoot, this has already shaken up a few people in front of my lens.

I love …

I love cooking and good food, especially with friends and good conversation. I also cherish twosome time with my sweetheart, whether we’re sharing our visions over breakfast tea or enjoying the sunset on a sailing boat. I love being close to nature, the warm wind on my skin, the smell of the sea and also the turbulent, noisy city life here in Lisbon. I love walking the streets and people-watching over a good cup of coffee. I love travelling, from low budget hammocks in Thailand to sailing yachts by the sea to luxury private pool villas in Greece. I’m a true hedonist. And I also love myself.

I love romantic moments and music that reminds me of them. I love my life, enjoy my time and savour the little things. Every day.

And of course I also love boudoir photography, portraying people, capturing people’s characters and diving into their stories.
I am a Leo/Gemini MG 5/1.

Karin Bergmann walks on the beach :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Karin Bergmann Portrait on the beach :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Karin Bergmann muses on the beach :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Very personal

I got to know the love of my life, Helmut, in 2005 when we took our master photographer’s exam together. Since then, we have had the privilege of spending a lot of time together. We live and work together every day – and we still enjoy it to the full after all these years.

In the summer of 2022, we finally said YES to each other in a small circle and with the most wonderful people around us. Yes to our deep bond and yes to new goals together.