Photo Studios in Lisbon & Leibnitz

photogenic armchair, photo studios in Lisbon & Leibnitz :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Two photo studios, two characters

My two photo studios in Lisbon & Leibnitz couldn’t be more different and each offer unique opportunities for really cool photos. The “Estúdio Pombal” in the metropolis of Lisbon and the “Alte Schmiede” in Leibnitz are ingenious locations for photo shoots in different styles and offer ideal backdrops with different sets. They offer much more than just a sober photo studio character, but inviting locations where you can feel at ease from the very first moment and fully immerse yourself in the shoot.

Elegance at the “Estúdio Pombal” in Lisbon

A beautiful old flat in the heart of Lisbon. High ceilings and the elegant, typically Portuguese wooden floor give the rooms an extraordinary character. Large balcony doors let in beautiful, soft light and create an ideal setting for stylish photos. Particularly noteworthy is the cosy boudoir with a beautiful bed, which provides a great setting for sensual, luxurious boudoir photos and impressive character portraits.

Photo Studio “Alte Schmiede” in Leibnitz

This unique photo studio used to be a smithy, hence the name. It impresses with its characteristic loft style and striking industrial look. The charming windows and thick old walls create a very special atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for aesthetic boudoir photos and other creative photo shoots.

Your appointment in the photo studios in Lisbon & Leibnitz

Take a look at my KBM Magazine or subscribe to my newsletter to find out when I’m shooting in which studio. Or simply write me a message to secure your favourite date. Whether in the “Alte Schmiede” in Leibnitz or in the elegant “Estúdio Pombal” in Lisbon, I look forward to creating unforgettable images with you.

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