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Boudoir Shooting & Nude Photography


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Discover your uniqueness

A boudoir shoot is an intimate journey into the world of beauty and self-acceptance, an artful play with intimacy and aesthetics. I capture moments of sensuality in a magical dance between light and shadow. Unleash your self-confidence and femininity in this safe atmosphere and let us create images that will remind you again and again how unique and wonderful you are.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again! I am so thrilled with your work and with ME!!! I have never felt so beautiful, I could almost cry.


Portrait of Lena talking about boudoir shooting and nude photography :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Boudoir photo, cleavage of a woman, detail, black/white :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Boudoir photo black and white, muscular male body, a woman behind, her hands in his jeans, detail :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Boudoir photo, a woman kneeling at the bed, back view, black/white :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

What does boudoir photography mean?

Boudoir photography is an intimate form of art that captures the beauty and intensity of each unique personality in a trusting and safe space. The French term boudoir refers to a private dressing room, a ladies’ retreat, usually associated with luxury and intimacy. And that’s what my boudoir shoots are all about – your sensuality and your strength.

I will take you on a personal journey of discovery and enable you to see yourself in a new light. Boudoir offers much more than breathtaking photos, but also a process that not only changes the way we see ourselves, but also the way we present ourselves to the world.

Step into this space and show yourself who you really are.

“A luxury gift to myself”

A boudoir shooting and nude photography are amazing, luxurious gifts that you give yourself. I know that even the decision to treat yourself to this already makes a difference. You treat yourself to beautiful lingerie, you pay much more attention to your figure and your appearance. You share the excitement with your friends, and the anticipation mixed with a bit of nervousness grows. In the hours before the shoot, you place yourself in the hands of a professional make-up artist and enjoy this relaxing time just for yourself.

We will have fun, engage in great conversations, and it will be a bit demanding as well. With a delicate touch and lots of experience, I will guide you through the boudoir shoot so you can feel comfortable and let yourself go with trust.โ€จโ€จ

Step away from everyday stress and into the experience: in these hours, itโ€™s all about you. That is luxury!

Intimate moments that deepen your bond

Experiencing a boudoir shooting and nude photography as a couple can offer a unique thrill and elevate your relationship to a new level of mutual connection. Such shoots create a space in which you can share particularly intimate moments together, look deeply into each other’s eyes and experience an extraordinary intimacy.

These unique experiences allow you to grow even closer as a couple as you discover and capture new facets of your relationship together. It’s a wonderful opportunity to immortalise the love and affection you feel for each other in beautiful timeless images.

Fine Art Boudoir


My work epitomises luxury photography for the discerning. I create unique, aesthetic works, tailored to the individual wishes and ideas of the characters in front of my camera. Together we capture authentic, vivid moments that will last forever.

In a world that all too often dictates unrealistic standards of beauty, boudoir and nude photography celebrate the natural human form in all its imperfect perfection. Through these artful images, we humans can learn to appreciate our uniqueness and treat ourselves with more love and acceptance.

I am absolutely SPEECHLESS ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Namely from me
Because of you ……… ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Portrait of Martina talking about boudoir shooting and nude photography :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Nude photography in the photo studio


Nude photography is a captivating art form for the aesthetically depiction the human body. The perfect interplay of light and shadow plays a central role, as it sculpts and highlights the body’s shapes and contours or lets them recede into the background.

I find detail shots particularly appealing. These are not only aesthetic, but also invite reflection on beauty and individuality. In my opinion, stylish erotic photography goes far beyond mere illustration and leads deep into the realm of the emotional and artistic.

Boudoir shooting and nude photography, black and white, woman with curly hair and long legs sits sideways on the floor and looks relaxed upwards to the light :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Boudoir in the style of nude photography, black and white, woman leaning against the wall and stretching with pleasure, detail with neck, ribcage and leg base :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Boudoir nude photo body study black and white, female contour with breast line, waist, hip, detail :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

You are perfect just the way you are

Most people feel insecure when it comes to showing themselves in front of the camera. I understand that, but believe me: you are perfect just the way you are. I see it as my mission to emphasise your uniqueness and sensuality in every picture. This results in the finest artistic erotic photos that reflect your personality.

I love watching the transformation when someone starts to see themselves with a new, more confident perspective during the shoot. And you’ll be surprised how much you have inside you and how confident and sexy you’ll feel after our session.

I not only got incredibly amazing photos but also a completely different body feeling from the shoot. Every single photo is 100% me. I just never saw myself as so beautiful and sexy until then โ€“ which is a shame, really!


Portrait of Verena talking about boudoir shooting and nude photography :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann



Feedback from happy people

Here are a few testimonials from happy people who have experienced a boudoir shooting and nude photography with me, representative of the wonderful feedback I continually receive. I love what I do!

What to expect

What you get

Look forward to the luxury of a unique experience that is specially designed to not only fulfil your expectations, but to exceed them.

Preparing for your boudoir shoot

In addition I will provide you with my exclusive and comprehensive boudoir guide. This unique guide is the result of all my passion and years of experience in boudoir photography. It answers all open questions and offers numerous ideas and tips on preparing for the photo shoot and choosing outfits. My aim is to support you so that you come to our session well prepared and relaxed. I put all my heart and soul and my expertise into this guide to guarantee you an unforgettable and personally enriching boudoir shoot.

On the day of the boudoir shoot

On this special day It’s all about you. Once you are perfectly styled by the make-up artist, we explore the outfit options together and plan the photo sets. We then start the shoot with a few relaxed portrait photos to get comfortable with each other and create an intimate atmosphere. Step by step, the clothing is then reduced, whereby we work in different styles and in different sets depending on the package.

I will guide you through the boudoir shoot, coaching you in every pose, with all my energy and experience going into every single picture. During the shoot, I will regularly show you the current photos to give you more confidence and so that you can give me your feedback. With your outfits and above all with my skilful playing with light and shadow, I can sensitively emphasise and accentuate your features. Just let yourself go and enjoy this self-experience.

After your boudoir shoot

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