Thank you all

Thank you, Karin is standing in her studio :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Simply thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you for an incredible 18 years of KARIN BERGMANN PHOTOGRAPHER 2005-2023! I am overwhelmed by all the encouragement all around, by the many kind wishes and congratulations! 🙂

You guys are really amazing

I am still connected to sooooo many people, so many have remained loyal to me over the years and wonderful friendships have developed. Including many who only made it to me once for a photo shoot – I was able to make so many people a little happier with my photos. That is simply the best thing I could wish for!

Wonderful fans: thank you

Thank you, of course, to my wonderful fans and supporters: your kind messages and continued enthusiasm are the greatest gift and the driving forces behind everything I do. Your loyalty and positive energy mean a lot to me and motivate me. With all of you, what is now has come about. You are an important part of my creative journey.

So much new

So now our trip to Portugal is starting. It will definitely be an exciting time for us: new country, new language, new people and friendships, new studio and new photographic inspirations. I’m already looking forward to welcoming you to Lisbon!

An incredible experience

We will miss you all very much too! So nice to be hugged and cuddled by so many people, so many who are happy with us and also express how much they will miss us. What an incredible experience that touched me deeply and for which I am super grateful… which everyone gets told far too rarely in everyday life and which you should say much more often yourself!

THANK YOU for being here!
THANK YOU for being so wonderful!
THANK YOU for your trust and appreciation!

I will always carry you all in my heart!

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