Art in Motion: Lady in Red

Art in motion, dancer posing in the air at the Alte Uni Graz - Lady in Red :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

An extraordinary photo session

Some places have such an aura and history that they inspire simply by their presence. The auditorium of the Old University in Graz is just such a place. Its magnificent ambience became the stage for my extraordinary project, a lifestyle photo session with a talented dancer under the motto of art in motion.

Challenge and magic

Equipped with a trampoline and a selection of different outfits, the dancer transformed the venerable auditorium into a lively place full of creativity and dynamism. Her task was no small one: hours of jumping, dancing and performing, every movement an expression of pure joy and elegance. This required not only exceptional physical fitness, but also the mental strength and dedication that only true artists possess.

Teamwork & perfectionism

A project like this stands and falls with the professional perfectionism and co-operation of everyone involved. From the precise planning of each shot to the careful selection of outfits, every detail was meticulously considered to achieve the best possible result. The team’s energy and commitment to art in motion created an atmosphere in which creative sparks flew and everyone spurred each other on to top performance.

A fantastic masterpiece: art in motion

The result of this strenuous but rewarding work is nothing less than spectacular. The photos capture not only the dancer’s extraordinary performance, but also the spirit of the place that made this art possible. The results are vibrant images full of energy that inevitably captivate the viewer and tell of art in motion, enormous stamina and the sheer joy of dance.

A big thank you to everyone involved for an experience that not only produced unique works, but also showed how extraordinary places and talents can work together to expand the boundaries of what is possible.

Curious to find out more?

If you would like to experience such an extraordinary photo shoot yourself, I am at your disposal. Contact me for more information and let’s set art in motion together.

Art in motion: the gallery

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