Black and White Photography

soulful body studies, black and white photography :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

The appeal of images in black and white

I love black and white photography because it has a very special appeal to reduce images to the essentials. Body language, expression and light – that’s what counts. And the less clothing, the more exciting: feminine curves combined with light and shadow. Naturalness takes centre stage in these photos, as unposed as possible. Completely without skin retouching, just black and white images.

This very special type of nude photography requires a harmonious self-image and shows how you really are. Unaffected and with the odd wrinkle or two. A very sensitive and wonderful area of my boudoir photography.

Photographing with the master

I consider Andreas Jorns to be a great master of black and white photography. It was a special honour for me to be able to look over his shoulder. Or rather, he looked over my shoulder 😉 Three intensive days of shooting on a small scale … with lovely colleagues, sensational models and a great location. It was great!

I’ve admired Andreas for many years, ever since the days when he was still photographing in colour 😉 These project days have fulfilled a small dream of mine. I’ve taken a lot away with me and every now and then I grin blissfully when I think about these creative days.

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