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Business photo, young woman sitting at the water and working on her laptop in a marina :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Your business, your personality

Professional business photos characterise you, your status and your company. This requires an individual visual language that reflects your personality. Because a good business portrait conveys your confidence and your accessibility in equal measure. And you should be who you are and feel comfortable. That’s when you’re in your element, when you’re authentic.

Thank you so much for the great shoot and the super cool photos! You are just so brilliant at making people look so wonderful!


Portrait of Manuela :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Indispensable business photos

Everyone needs good business photos! They are your business card, the first impression of you and what you do. With the right photo, you’ll immediately stand out and impress. I am happy to show you a small selection of examples for a who and what for – in simplified spelling for all genders 😉

  • Far-sighted and decisive entrepreneurs
  • Motivated and energetic young professionals
  • Trustworthy and empathetic doctors
  • Qualified and skilful craftsmen
  • Innovative and inspiring creatives
  • Flexible and dynamic self-employed
  • Passionate and nature-loving winegrowers
  • Visionary and courageous start-up founders
  • Critical and independent journalists
  • Communicative and quality-conscious restaurateurs
  • Precise and solution-orientated technicians
  • Expressive and touching artists
  • Reputable and experienced consultants
  • Strong and competent managers
  • Charismatic and authentic influencers
  • Versatile and professional freelancers
  • Ambitious and progressive young entrepreneurs
  • or simply a pompous glamour shoot

Thank you so much again for the great shoot last week and the amazing pictures! We both really enjoyed it 😉. The photos turned out great – it was really awesome with you!


Portrait of Eva-Maria :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Application photo, profile picture and more

A high-quality, professional application photo or a type-appropriate, modern and positively eye-catching profile picture can make all the difference. The first impression counts! With my photos, I make sure that your impression is exactly what you want it to be – convincing, self-confident and authentic. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, I create professional images that strengthen and emphasise your appearance.

Professional image photos

My image shoots are customised and designed to capture and show the philosophy and values of your brand. With a well-thought-out concept for the visual language, I create image photos that emphasise your uniqueness and professionalism in a meaningful way and inspire your target groups.

A carefully developed style, which runs like a common thread through the images, guarantees a convincing, coherent appearance of the entire image. By looking at the company and personality from different perspectives, a brand shoot produces photos that are not only universally applicable, but also leave a lasting impression. These images tell your story and help you to present your professional image in an authentic and memorable way.

Let’s take your brand and your business to the next level.

I will now visit you every year before my birthday – it’s an ego booster! The photos really turned out so well. I’m incredibly happy.


Portrait of Eva :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Curious to find out more?

If you are interested in more details about business photos, image photos, company portraits etc. or would like to book an appointment right away, just get in touch with me.

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