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Wedding photo by wedding photographer, bridal couple holding hands, close-up :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Wedding photos from the wedding photographer

Happy people, love, excitement, joy – all these unique and unforgettable moments of your wedding! This day is so full of unique emotions, full of sparkle and shine in your eyes and full of encounters with the people you love and cherish, with family and friends. Together you enjoy the magic of the day, which you go through with a happy smile. This one day seems far too short and passes far too quickly.

Simply sensational how much you two helped to organise our day! It wouldn’t have been the same without you! 😍 Nice that we stayed in touch afterwards! 😊 1,000% recommendation!!! 🙌🏼

Dani & Wolfgang

Portrait of Dani & Wolfgang :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Wedding photo by wedding photographer, black and white, groom buttoning his gillet, close-up :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Wedding photo from the wedding photographer, sitting in the car on the back seat and kissing passionately, colourful lights all around :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Wedding photo by wedding photographer, bride with long dark curls, dress lacing at the back, close-up :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Wedding photographer

My bridal couples love me. 😀 Why? I am there for you, accompanying you in very emotional and intimate moments, capturing your day in touching, vivid images. In addition, I am at your side with my wealth of experience as a wedding photographer. This could be as early as the wedding planning stage, for example: When does the light at your wedding location suit you best, when is the optimal time for portraits and group photos? Of course also on your wedding day itself: spontaneous, flexible and professional – whatever may come 😉 I live your day, I am part of your wedding. As your wedding photographer, I can therefore also capture the moments that you as the bride and groom don’t even realise. Moments that you will remember forever. Because what remains are the moving wedding photos that tell of the magic of your wedding.

Natural wedding photos from a professional

The best way to get an idea of how I work as a wedding photographer is to take a look at the wedding photos from these wonderful weddings. Just browse through my galleries and read the feedback below. And if you see yourself again, then I look forward to your enquiry! Let’s get to know each other personally and without obligation and tell me your story. I’m looking forward to it!

With your humour and authenticity, we were able to take wonderful pictures in which we could be 100% real, laugh our heads off and have time for jokes.

Sandra & Michael

Portrait of Sandra & Michael :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Wedding photo with bridal couple and wedding photographer in the picture; the couple kissing, picturesque surroundings with white houses and windmill, behind them the sea, making-of photo shoot on the island of Santorini, Greece:: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

My bridal couples – Gallery

From getting ready to the wedding ceremony to the wedding dance, this is what weddings look like for me. These are many unique snapshots, beautiful overviews, portraits of the wedding guests, details of your decorations and photos of the table and of course wonderful and touching moments from your ceremony and natural, authentic bridal couple portraits. Just look through this selection of beautiful wedding photos from the last few years and see for yourself.

You were not only an enrichment for everyone present as photographers, but also as people.

Ramona & David

Portrait of Ramona & David :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

And perhaps a special surprise for the groom: a bridal boudoir shoot as a morning gift. I’ll photograph you in my photo studio, just the two of us, completely relaxed and undisturbed. Enjoy the anticipation of being a bit of a bride now … and your husband will be amazed.

There is no better way to capture memories. Thank you Karin for the wonderful wedding photos.

Kristina & Christopf

Portrait of Kristina & Christoph :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Wedding photos, bridal couple on a typical cliff on the coast of the Algarve, Portugal, wedding photographer stands high up on the next cliff and looks over the couple to the horizon :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Wedding photo, bridal couple with their feet in the water (as well as the wedding photographer) on a beach in the Algarve, Portugal :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Reviews – Feedback from satisfied bridal couples

Super-professional support

We were very lucky to have Karin and her husband Helmut as photographers for our wedding. Super-professional support, mega-sympathetic, uncomplicated and lots of great ideas. We are thrilled with the dedication with which Karin and Helmut went about their work! And the result was sensational!!! ❤️❤️❤️ They captured sooooo many great moments for us. We are still speechless!

Dani & Wolfgang

Back to our most beautiful day

The parcel arrived today and we looked at the beautiful photos and prints full of happy emotions! They are a dream💓💓 For the third time now, your photos have taken us back to our most beautiful day. We can’t say more than THANK YOU… thank you for the wonderful prints and photos, thank you for capturing the most beautiful moments in our lives!❤️🥰❤️ Thank you for you; that we were able to have such lovely and warm people at our wedding!
Give yourselves a big hug and a big kiss💓❤️💓❤️

Ramona & David

With great attention to detail

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for these unique photos! You have captured our most beautiful day for us in the most professional way. Helmut and you are a well-rehearsed team and do your work with so much attention to detail and this is exactly what these beautiful photos reflect! One more beautiful than the other … really amazing! We and our families were blown away when browsing through the wedding photos and we are so happy with all the pictures!!! You are simply the B.E.S.T.E.N. photographers! A thousand thanks once again for your commitment and your masterful work

Sabine & Klaus

simply breathtaking

We have now seen the photos! Unbelievable!!! So wonderfully beautiful and funny, simply breathtaking 🤩 we are completely blown away 😍😍

Martina & Georg

Enriches every wedding

Many thanks for the great work. We really enjoyed the day and the shoot was part of it. With your experience and your ideas, the time flew by and the photos turned out fantastic. Many thanks to you both for that. With your manner and your professionalism you enrich every wedding! 🙂

Jasmin & Andy

Enjoyed every second with the two of them

When we started planning our wedding, a good photographer was at the top of our list. We ended up with two: Karin and Helmut. A few months have passed since our wedding, but we still have fond memories of them. Not only did we end up with beautiful photos, but we were also looked after by both of them during the ceremony. While the groomsmen had to look after our guests, Karin and Helmut were always unobtrusively close by and provided us with everything we needed while they captured the atmosphere with their cameras. Especially as a bride, it’s a relief when the comb is put back in your hair and the stole is re-draped so that you have nothing else to do but be happy and celebrate. However, we were completely won over not only by their prudent helpfulness, but also by their professional demeanour and work. With her charming determination, Karin managed to get even the worst photo haters to agree to a portrait so that all our guests were immortalised. All in all, there isn’t a photo that we don’t like – because Karin made us feel like the most beautiful and photogenic people in the world. We enjoyed every second with them and look forward to seeing them again!

Birgit & Bruno

Huge joy with the photos

Thank you so much for capturing our special day in such an amazing way. We are so happy with the photos and will remember 50 years from now how comfortable we felt with you. Your professionalism and at the same time easy-going attitude is just great!!! I’m looking forward to the next shootings with you!

Elke & Sascha

We will definitely be back

We couldn’t have chosen a better photographer for our wedding. Our most beautiful moments were captured perfectly and Karin wrapped them up in a beautiful wedding album that makes us dream again and again. Her open and, above all, warm manner immediately made us feel at ease. The boudoir shoot in her new world-class studio was also great fun. We will definitely be back!

Tanja & Helmuth

Insanely likeable wedding photographers

Thanks to Karin and Helmut, we now have fantastic photos of our dream wedding! They did such a great job guiding us through the day and also thought of so many things that don’t necessarily have to do with photos. They are also both incredibly likeable! 🙂 We are so glad we booked them and recommend them without reservation!!! Thank you so much! 🙂

Margit & Matthias

If I ever get married…

Almost 10 years ago – still single and convinced – I said to Karin after our first shoot: “If I ever get married, you’ll be the photographer!” Almost 10 years later, I now not only have a husband, but also the most beautiful wedding photos imaginable. And who knows what we’ll be photographing in another 10 years, dear Karin.

Katharina & Stefan

So much feeling and naturalness

Dear Karin! You captured our absolutely perfect day for us with the most beautiful and emotional pictures imaginable. Every single photo radiates so much emotion and naturalness. The first time I flicked through the photo album, I relived every single moment of our wedding with goosebumps and tears of joy. Thank you so much for your professionalism, your attention to detail, your feeling for the situation, your patience, your ideas, your eye for the perfect photo, simply for EVERYTHING.

Michaela & Bernardo

Something special

The most important thing for a wedding photographer is that the bride and groom can rely 100% on the mood and the guests being captured perfectly. This starts with the setup of the people, the fit of the clothes, the accessories and the technical execution. Karin Bergmann and her team were able to do all this and much more for us at our wedding. Each of the hundreds of photos was something special and a memory of a very important day for us. We won’t be getting married again any time soon, but if we did, we would use Karin Bergmann again. In short – a safe bet for great photos…

Victoria & Joachim

Impressive pictures

The day of our wedding was a very special one for us! Karin and Helmut captured these moments with impressive pictures and so we can relive it again and again!

Manu & Reini

You were the icing on the cake

We had our dream wedding! Everything went really well. And the icing on the cake was definitely you, dear Karin! We are so happy with our pictures and I can’t get enough of them! I am absolutely certain that I will still be enjoying the pictures in 20, 30 and more years’ time! 1000 thanks for capturing our day so brilliantly and our memories forever! <3

Marion & Bernd

In the midst of the magic of the wedding day

We are so incredibly happy that we decided to have a couple shoot with Karin in 2012. We felt so incredibly comfortable with her and she enchanted us with her indescribably cheerful manner. After our wedding a few years later, it was immediately clear who would accompany us on this day. The fact that Karin and Helmut captured our wedding with their camera was definitely the best decision. The two of them harmonise with each other in such a way that they take away any nervousness from every bridal couple with their calmness and warmth that they radiate. We are so happy with our photos that we look at them almost every week and immediately find ourselves back in the middle of the magic of this wedding day.

Doris & Markus

Great as expected

We didn’t even have to look for a photographer for the wedding because we knew straight away that it had to be Karin. Every event in our family is photographed by her and even years later we still love looking at the photos – they are simply timeless and beautiful. That’s exactly what we wanted for our wedding photos and as expected they turned out great, every guest raves about them. Karin and Helmut captured so many big and small moments of the wedding perfectly – many things that we look back on fondly today and that might otherwise have been forgotten. We can only recommend everyone to book them for their wedding day. Thank you for everything!

Tanja & Erich

Wedding photo by the wedding photographer, shoe and sock of the groom, close-up :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

If you’ve got a taste for it now, are interested in more details or want to book an appointment right away, just get in touch with me.

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