Glamour Photos

Glamour photo shoot with top model Gloria at Ankerpunkt, Southern Styria :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

A fantastic photo shoot

This shooting session was simply fantastic! With a top Italian model, who slipped into very different roles, we literally set the location on fire. The resulting glamour photos are perfect for advertising and event promotion of the restaurant and set a completely new accent.

Sparkling Gloria

Gloria is super! Versatile and expressive, a mega body and a delightful smile – plus a likeable character. She was enthusiastic and wonderfully uncomplicated to work with – even when things got a bit heated in between. Simply top! She blew us all away.

I staged and photographed the scenes in the middle of the restaurant while it was open, which made us an unusual attraction for the guests. They watched us with curiosity and the atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed. We were also able to spontaneously involve the guests on the dance floor, creating an additional dynamic for even more lively photos.

Magnificent glamour photos

The photo shoot was a complete success! The bosses at Ankerpunkt, Manu & Leo, are satisfied, Gloria was thrilled and I am also completely happy with these magnificent glamour photos. They are great and perfectly reflect the special atmosphere at this location. And we all had fun too.

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