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two adorable toddlers sitting in the garden among the flowers :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Family photos – memories for life

Family photos are precious memories that will bring a lifetime of joy! Whether in traditional costume or jeans, outdoors, at home or in the studio, with grandparents or siblings – the possibilities are endless. Children grow up so quickly and time flies… and every grandma is always happy to receive new photos of the family.

I keep hearing how valuable these photos are after a few years. Of course, people take a lot of photos these days – everyone always has their mobile phone with them. But there is something very special about preparing for a professional photo shoot, enjoying the anticipation, getting dressed up and coming to me together. Firstly, you’ll all be in the photo 😉 and secondly, you’ll get completely different pictures than you could ever take yourself. The excitement, the kids who are shy at first and have to thaw out… it’s exactly this “coming to life” that is so wonderfully visible in the photos as they grow and blossom.

I love capturing the different facets of your family. And I often receive photos of my pictures that adorn your walls – family photos as memories that you can enjoy every day.

Family photos as a souvenir, young girl with scooter next to blooming roses, all in pink and green :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Family photos as a souvenir, young girl with scooter in front of a big blooming rosebush, all in pink and green :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann
Family photos as a memory, young girl with summer hat and flowers in a basket, all in pink :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Even more beautiful than your pictures is that you show me what I have & what’s really important …. In everyday life you lose the perception of it too quickly …
Indescribably beautiful photos – you are simply the very best!


Portrait of Katja :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Children’s photos

They are at the centre of our universe, our children. And they know and enjoy that too. Their personality and their whole range of emotions captured for eternity. Always a challenge, of course, but there are also particularly rewarding moments when they give a stranger like me a smile 🙂

Baby photos & Newborn

Nothing changes life more than an eagerly awaited baby. In a newborn shoot, I try to capture the tender first days: authentic, genuine, trusting and filled with love. I am also happy to come to your home – mum and baby feel most comfortable in your familiar surroundings.

Taking the photos with you was so relaxed and went so quickly…a big thank you for that! There are so many beautiful photos🤩🤩🤩🤩 we are mega excited! Thank you so much !!!


Portrait of Daniela :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Baby bump photos

A special time in life also calls for special pictures. I put the baby bump in the limelight with bare skin, painted or painted on, wrapped or stroked. When else can a woman really show off her belly? Baby bump photos in particular can be taken outdoors at any time of year, a few layers of wool and fabric and the bump still peeks out in between 😉 Or in a breezy summer dress or with more bare skin in the photo studio.

Family photos as a souvenir, parents with two children walk into a vineyard, away from the camera :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Thank you so much for the photos – they are great and one photo is better than the other.


Portrait of Laura :: photo copyright Karin Bergmann

Reviews – Feedback from satisfied families

carefree cheerful

The shoot was a very happy and enjoyable time for all of us. The photos also radiate this light-heartedness. We ALL felt very comfortable and thank you for this special experience, it will remain a happy, enriching, carefree and cheerful memory for us in the future! Thank you very much for that!


Simple and uncomplicated

We felt incredibly comfortable at our Babybach shoot! The photos Karin Bergmann took of us are beautiful, she just has that certain angle! The atmosphere was always relaxed and cheerful and simply uncomplicated. We couldn’t have found a better photographer for us! Thank you very much!


Valuable memories

Karin has been photographing us regularly for more than 10 years now and no two photos are the same. Her ideas and the – sometimes very spectacular – realisation make her work unique for us. The fun she has at the shoots and the moments she captures are great for us – thank you Karin, for these many precious memories!!!

Katja, Rudi, Laurenz and Marlene

We come every year

A few years ago, I received a baby bump photo shoot with Karin as a birthday present. I was more than thrilled with the professionalism and the photos. Since then, we have been coming to Karin every year for a family shoot. She makes the shoot so perfect that the children now look forward to the photoshoot every year and are wonderful participants! Karin is professional, absolutely authentic, super sensitive and the photos are a real hit every time. Thank you Karin, we would love to come back!

Claudia and Joachim

Simply insanely beautiful photos

We are blown away – simply insanely beautiful photos! We have been to Karin’s studio twice (so far) and both we and our children felt very comfortable right from the start. Karin is a great, friendly and calm photographer – simply professional🙂
We will definitely be back!


Speechless and moved to tears

Dear Karin! You have accompanied us for a very long time and will continue to do so… our big days will remain a wonderful memory through your photos! You are simply amazing! When we receive the photos we are always speechless, if not moved to tears… THANK YOU

Daniela and Michael

Delights us every time

We are already so-called regular customers and – the name gives it away – this is because Karin and Helmut’s strength lies above all in having THE eye for the essentials. Our wishes are skilfully incorporated into their work and the result delights us every time. Regardless of whether we are looking at the pictures for the first or the 100th time. We always like to remember the hours, where and how these moments were created and captured …

Karin and Gernot

Fun and enjoyable

Karin is the BEST and MOST LOVED photographer ever. Takes super cool photos – no matter if wedding, baby bump or portrait. A shoot with her is simply fun and pleasant at the same time. Keep it up dear Karin!!!!!

Daniela and Anton

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